I look up to the heavens where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord my God. I know this and I trust that His will is the best. When you let Him take control, you no longer have anything to fear. There are days you will feel like you just need to know exactly how his blue print looks like. At these points, you will feel like things are not working out. Some days you will feel like your blueprint is better.  At these points, you just to have control of your life. Some days you will have a life with no blueprint at all.

I know what it is like to be stuck between your blue print and God’s blue print. The joy of short-lived pleasures which can be found within a very short time seems better than the pain of long-term pleasures which are found within a very long time. Your mind is so focused on the short-term pleasures and you can’t bear the thought of losing it or of missing out on the fun. You try to come up with excuses just to keep both blueprints. But then again I have never heard of a perfect house that has been built using two blue prints. So you have to make your choice what blueprint you want. As long as you have the correct blueprint, your house will have things in order. The correct blueprint is God’s blueprint. You have to forsake your own blue print and focus on God’s.

God’s blueprint does not require you change who you are or pull strings to keep your life in order. You don’t need to bribe your way to the top. You don’t need to ‘know somebody’ to get that opportunity. You don’t need to give up your values for somebody to love you. In God’s blue print you just pray and everything happens. Favor falls on you and every way you go you are a winner. It takes to get there but when you do arrive, you are there to stay. With God’s blue print, you never labor in vain; everything you work for as long it is in His will succeeds. You need to tap into this kind of glory and relaxation and you will never go wrong. I am not saying that tough times won’t come, they most definitely. When they do, you will not fall because God would have known of the situation prior. You will be having the strength from God to brave these storms. God’s blue print is the best.

To get to know of God’s blue print, you need to pray earnestly to God for guidance and that His will prevail in your life. You need to be faithful in your prayer and lead a righteous life. You need to keep repent your sins and renouncing any bondage that may have come from your lineage in Jesus’ name. Keep trusting in the Lord and you won’t regret I promise you.

72 thoughts on “THE BLUEPRINT

  1. I like your comparison of God’s blueprint and our own – they definitely often differ! And we can find lots of favor in by praying. It’s so cool that he wants to talk with us! But it’s God’s grace that allows us to rest, not our own striving or rule-following. And following God does not mean an easy road, in fact more often than not it’s a difficult road. Truly following God puts Christians in opposition with most ways of the world, and that’s difficult. The reward is that we get to be with him in the end, and that will make anything we suffer here seem insignificant. We are strengthened by his Spirit, and we know our salvation is secure in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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  2. I love this! You are absolutely right. God’s blueprint is the best blueprint. I’ve often times tried to do things on my own in my own way but God intervened every time and turned things around for my better.

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  3. Struggled with choosing between my blueprint and God’s blueprint. This is a timely message as it continues to be an issue now.

    Hopefully I make the right decision.

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  4. I love your description that a perfect house is not going to be build using two blueprints. That is such a good reminder. I think sometimes people forget that God’s blueprint for us on Earth is going to mean all sunshine and roses and then when that doesn’t happen they try to take back the control. We were never promised easy living. We were promised Him!

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  5. What a beautiful idea–that God has the perfect blueprint for our lives, and that long-term things are more important than the short-term ones. We must get through our difficult circumstances and do what is right so that we can enjoy the long-term consequences of our actions.

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    1. Well, But sometimes there are things that we want that God hasn’t planned for us and sometimes we think want is Best but God knows that it is not good for us….in such cases collaboration is definitely out of question….. it’s either His or yours and we both know that His is best


  6. I was talking about this very thing last night with a group of people. But I love how you said it – “I know what it is like to be stuck between your blue print and God’s blue print.”

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