Hello Becomers, 

Today is a sunny day here at I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award my darlings!!! No words can express the joy I feel in my heart at the nomination, I said no words my darlings no words!! I can thank Tisha enough for this humbling honour.

Tisha, how do I describe her? Well the first time I read her articles; I instantly knew that she was my sister from a Nigerian mother. I could see myself in what ever she wrote; it was like she was my long lost twin. I love people but I don’t go about calling everyone my twin so you should really check out her blog. She will leave you reflecting about your success, beauty, self image, motivation and most importantly about God. My dear becomers, is the perfect blog for you especially if you are a student.

So the insightful and encouraging Tisha said that my blog was inspiring, creative and positive; Thank you for those kind words @theonebehindmyschmile right now. The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award awarded to blogs that are inspiring, creative and positive. It is a such a humbling thing to supported by good writer like Tisha; you guys should really check out her blog.

The Questions She asked Me

  • What is your favorite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging would be connecting my Becomers in the comment section especially when they say that my writing has helped them or that they have connected to what said in a certain level. I write for their feedback and they never fail to make me feel good about what I wrote. #IlovemyBecomers. (no sugarcoat I promise)  For the Becomers that are bloggers what do love most about blogging?

  • What makes you #schmile?

The most beautiful thing about my life is of course my relationship with God. He has taught me to be dependent on Him and that is the best for me. Another thing that makes me smile is my family; those people would do anything for me and I would do too.#bloodties. I have few friends(introvert alert!!!) but they make my days each time I am with them. I sincerely wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention food in things that make me smile; I might be slender but I eat more than you can even begin to imagine. They should invent something that sends food by email; I need to start receiving from you my darlings through the comment section.(wink) Please let me know what type of food you would send me on the comment section.

  • What is your number one self care tip?

I recently read somewhere that a strong woman keeps her body in shape while a woman of strength keeps her soul in shape through prayer. For the soul; you need to pray a lot and keep trusting God. For the body; eat a lot (healthy food please) *in a harsh tone, with cane in my hand, my eyes closed and very serious face* and exercise often (like I try to). For the skin, drink a lot of water and people will be dying to touch your face (Do not let them) *Harsh tone* Finally for hair,get some olive oil and coconut oil to keep it moisturized especially my girls with kinky(the struggle is real) and always rock protective hairstyles. Let me know on the comment section what is your secret to that beauty dear become?(I promise not tell anyone) *wink*

  • Who is your biggest motivator in life?

She is the strongest woman I know, the most hardworking I know, the most insightful, the most beautiful, the most loving, the most caring, the most spontaneous, the most successful, her name is Irene Wanjiru Njagi and she is my mum. If I start to talk about how amazing my mum is, this post will take centuries to end. She is the blessing that has no number on this earth can account for when I count her. My mum is just amazing, if you think that you have met strong then you need to meet my mother. She is the epitome of God’s grace. Let me know who your motivator is on the comment section.

  • What inspired you to start a blog?

One of my very close friends has a sister who is a blogger please find the link to her blog here and once I found her blog I was hooked to it. It is a fashion blog mostly about office wear and I think I spent so many days on that blog. Then one day she posted about her anniversary challenging people to step forth and start doing something they love and that’s how the pregnancy of my baby; howtobecomeeasily was conceived. what  inspired your blog?

My nominees for this award are:

Me Set Free


Chibueze Blog

Quirky letters

she’s beaming


Stephanie Lynn

Girl Anxiety

Mandy Mercy


I could have nominated more people but the limit is ten so I chose the blogs that I really love interacting with most. You should check out all these blogs and you will find to laugh, smile or reflect about. You can let me know which blog you loved most on the comment section. You can let me know what you think about Tisha. You just tell me anything on the comment section. By the way if you see a grammatical error or spelling mistake please; rebuke me at the comment section #helpmebecome.






  1. Congratulations! My favorite of your answers to the above questions was: “The most beautiful thing about my life is of course my relationship with God. He has taught me to be dependent on Him and that is the best for me.” Amen!

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  2. I love posts like this! It really shows the bloggers true colors as a person and not just a hooman sitting behind a computer. I love that all the questions seemed to be answered so honestly and you see so genuine! Loved the content.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! Definitely an honor that she chose to nominate you!! Really loved how you closed your piece too – a lot of humility and that hashtag!! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed your post and congratz! I love how upbeat and happy just looking at your post makes one feel! The Lord has blessed you and is doing great things in your life. It is awesome you can reach out and touch so many lives and leave them with a smile. If you were to accomplish nothing more for the rest of your life, I would say that was exactly an accomplishment of a lifetime. Not too many people do that these days! Once again, my congratz and keep up your awesome work!

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