A Softer Shade of Red

This is such a beautiful story

A Softer Shade of Red

At 18, living alone in a new city, there was a day I decided to wear only red.

The color would be my brand, my hallmark, my calling card. In a strange new place, where I was as of yet anonymous, I could choose to become anyone, anything. I chose red.

I visited dozens of thrift stores in downtown Portland, and headed straight to the ever-present swath of scarlet shirts, buying three or four at a time.

I threw out the rest of my wardrobe, the mosses, the browns, the khakis, muted fat girl camouflage, and transformed myself over the course of a few months into a fierce woman of fire. The rich, rebellious hue inspired further wardrobe changes I had never considered. I bought tiny little black skirts to wear with all those vivid blouses. I splurged on stripper shoes, thigh-high, lace-up cherry colored boots with four inch heels, elevating…

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8 thoughts on “A Softer Shade of Red

  1. What a lovely post! I love how a simple decision like the one to wear red allowed her confidence to go and in turn she was able to choose more bold choices! I truly believe that the right outfit can give you a total boost in confidence!

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    1. Oooh it’s a repost for Softer Shade of Red. You should check her out; she is really interesting.That’s a really nice unique of boosting confidence. Thanks for stopping by God bless!! May you continue to Become.


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