God-confidence is the best form of confidence; it guarantees permanency in your confidence and joy in all days of your life. You should all have it my darling becomes.

We’ve all heard of confidence, but very few actually have it. We search for confidence in our looks, our jobs, our partners, our friends. It takes work to build ourselves up, especially when it’s so easy to look down on ourselves and whatever we think is wrong with us.

Anxiety can easily hinder our confidence. It can make us sit out on events and say no to invitations. It can make us feel unworthy, alone, and unaccepted.

What if instead of trying so hard to build up a worldly self-confidence, we sought out a heavenly God-confidence?

What is God-confidence and how is it different than self-confidence? Self-confidence is focused on ourselves and what we can achieve, while God-confidence is knowing who God is and what He can achieve.

You can be confident in yourself, but you can also be confident in God, and how He has created us in His…

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