Hello My darling becomers,

How have you been? How was your week? Well week was better than fine. I am filled with hope and happiness right now. I feel so at peace and so blissful; God has granted me so much grace through my pain and these chaos. I am slowly healing through Jesus and I have found a fortress in God.

So this week was very okay; I have learnt to trust in God in these chaos.Last week I talked about how I taught myself that God is the Perfect Shoulder To Lean On and how not to put your happiness on the shoulder of someone else; only God can bear your burden with no complaint or disappointment. Now that I had taken my friends and family out of the equation in my quest for happiness was concerned; only God and I were left in the field and I dared to feel like I could be the commander in this battle for a moment.

I was just going about my day trying to put God first when I saw something that reminded me of my pain and I let myself dwell over it. I let my mind drift into all corners of the beginning of all these chaos and pain  I analyzed every bit of the situation turning it over and over. In my emotional outburst, I decided that I knew how to fix this whole mess and I was definitely going to fix it. I reached out for my phone and at the last step of ‘fixing’ it; I remembered something my friend had said about people acting according to their emotions and not God’s will and that’s when I stopped on my tracks and I prayed that God gives me guidance and His will be done in my life.

I looked for verses to guide me and strengthen my conviction in my weakness. Here’s what I found:

Romans 8:6

To be controlled by human nature results in death, to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.

Psalms 32:8-9

The Lord says, ‘I will teach you the way you should go;I will instruct you and advise you. Don’t be stupid like horse or a mule which must be controlled with a bit and bridle to make it submit.’

Psalms 25:4-5

Teach me your ways, O Lord; make them known to me.Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me. I always trust in you.

Job 6:24

All right, teach me; tell me my faults. I will be quiet and listen to you.

Psalms 16: 7

I praise the Lord, because He guides me and in the night my conscience warns me.

After reading these verses, I decided that I wouldn’t try and fix it like that but rather trust in God and He will restore me and heal me from all these struggles.

This incident got me thinking about the number of times I have let emotions and euphoria make me grab the commander position from God. I am actually in this mess because of euphoric emotions and now here I was trying to fix with my euphoric emotions. There are times I have let my emotions stop me from walking through opened doors. In this case my opened door came through a person; I remember that I got into a fight with that person and then I decided I no longer needed them and just like that I had banged that door shut with a thud. My pride and anger cost me a lot that day. 

I am teaching myself to let God have full control of every aspect of my life. I am teaching myself to always pray for God’s guidance before doing anything. I discovered that I should no longer do things because I feel like; I am His and I do what He wants. I live for Him and I desire to live for Him alone for the rest of my life.

As children of God we need to be alert and always check and question the decisions we make everyday . Are they emotion-based decisions or are they in line with God’s will because in Him you will enjoy victory and favour so much that people will keep coming to you for the secret(can I get an Amen!!!). My call to you my darlings is to always seek God’s will in every decision that we make and we will never ever be disappointed.

Please tell me what you think of my short poem.

Have a blessed week; I love you!!!!

With love, hope and flowers,

Jackie, Howtobecomeeasily #becomer.


31 thoughts on “HIS/MINE

  1. Emotions are very powerful. But they are variable and far from rational, the idea being that the rational serves us better than they do. But everything that comes from us – emotions, rationality – none of it comes close to God’s guidance by His Spirit and His word. Thank you for sharing from your experience to enrich us. ❤️

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  2. It’s definitely challenging to give our emotions over to God and allow the Spirit to reign in their place. Thanks for sharing this truth and encouragement!

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  3. I have learned or am trying to learn that I should just walk in faith sometimes it is very difficult not be to ruled by emotions but knowing we have a higher power backing us is what gets us through

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  4. “I remembered something my friend had said about people acting according to their emotions and not God’s will and that’s when I stopped on my tracks and I prayed that God gives me guidance and His will be done in my life.” Good advice!

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  5. Very inspiring! It’s so crucial that we give over everything to God, even if it’s so very difficult to do so. You inspire all of us to keep seeking Him and His bounty! God bless!

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  6. I always say, you can’t trust your emotions because they are so fickle and constantly changing, but you can trust God because He never changes. Life is full of emotions and they are wonderful gifts, but like everything else you have to use them in moderation because they can also make your soul sick. I loved your poem.Be blessed dear one!

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  7. I like the poem – the last line is a powerful truth. We have to train ourselves to listen AND hear the voice of the Spirit of God, AND obey. He’s spoken to me through various ways, in a still voice in my prayers, through a previously unnoticed verse, in my dreams and even through preachers. Regardless of how He speaks, the effect on me is always the same; to literally fall facedown on my knees and worship Him. Blessings.

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