Yeeiy 50+ BECOMERS

Hello my darling becomers,

How have you been? How are you? I how you have been good. I have been so blessed and graced. God has been gracing with joy and peace in my heart. I am simply cannot thank Him enough for the things He has done for me.

I have recently learnt to thank God for the small victories. I would like to celebrate this big victory for this blog.I am so excited to say that this blog has reached 50+ followers now. I feel so humbled and blessed for this. 

When I started this blog, I had big dreams for it and I still do. I am trusting God to help me get there. I hope to touch somebody’s life and glorify God in my writing. Each day I pray that God speaks through me to His people. I desire to be nothing more than His vessel. It gives so much joy when people tell me that my writing has helped them in some way. I am thankful that this little warm and sweet family of my darling Becomers is growing. I pray to God that He continues to work in me and give you my darlings the grace to continue Becoming.

Thank you for the support my darlings.

Have a blessed week and I love you!!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, Howtobecomeeasily #becomer


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