Hello my darling Becomers,

How have you been? How has your week been? I am always excited to know about your week and your lives in general do please don’t say away to tell about it on the comment sections my sweet darlings. I have been great and happy. I am trusting in God to do great things for me; His will is the best thing.

Recently I have been feeling like I am not doing enough with my blog; I am writing and posting regularly but I just feel that this blog has so much potential. I desire to be a blessing to more people. I have been getting a lot of views but I still feel like I am not connecting with my sweet darling like I would love. 

So I would love some ideas on how to connect and engage my readers more in my blog. I would really appreciate if you took time to critic my style and gave me an idea. I really feel like I am not doing enough with you guys. I need to be a bigger blessings to you my sweet darlings. We have to grow together. I know I have been blogging for just two months now but I feel it’s time; I added some more spice to this blog now that we are more than fifty. I would really love your input. 

I also would love to start an “Ask Me Anything Segment” with an aim of showing you my sweet darling just a little bit more about myself may be to show how imperfect I am yet perfected in the Grace of God, also my opinion on certain topics and probably my advice on certain issues you might be going through. I don’t really know how to go about with this whole idea like where will get the questions? I would appreciate if you gave me ideas my sweet darlings.

I also wouldn’t mind if you asked some of the questions you might have on the comment section. You can ask me anything like really anything and I will answer it in a post. 

I really hope that you help me. I will really appreciate if you give an idea that will allow me to be a better Becomer and also help you be a better Becomer.

Have a blessed week and I love you!!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, howtobecomeeasily #becomer.


46 thoughts on “HELPHELP ! πŸ˜₯

  1. Hi Jackline, I like the warmth you are trying to communicate to your readers. I would suggest some sort of highlight of important points in your posts, either by using boldface, colour or subheads. It would not only help people get your message at a glance, it could actually draw more in to read in detail, especially if the positions highlighted are catchy.

    But don’t put pressure on yourself. Just stay close to the Lord, don’t get drained by the frenetic pace blogging can sometimes take. If you do the former, your blog will grow in a meaningful way, that is, iin terms of lives touched.

    On what I would love featured, more of what you’re already offering, like how you overcome everyday challenges and what you learn from them, will be appreciated. Much love and grace to you in Jesus’ name.

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  2. Hi Jackline! When I began my blog 3 years ago, I got some good advice,slow and steady. It relieved a lot of pressure and focused me on what God had in mind. Your blog is still very young and it sounds like you are committed (which is half the battle). I pray you find peace with God’s pace. It is quite an adventure and reward as we learn to trust Him. Blessings to you!

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  3. Do not think even our smallest effort go unnoticed by the Lord of the Universe. If I may share a testimony I heard:

    A certain young man had been looking forward to street preaching for sometime with his youth group and yet when his time came (they were in front of a pub of all places), he froze and all he could mutter was ‘Jesus is Lord’ three times, before stepping down, all the while feeling like an idiot for not sharing a powerful testimony that would change the life of the passersby.
    It was a couple of months later when he was about to walk out of church on a Sunday morning when he came across two men talking, and one was relaying how he had found the Lord. He stopped to listen, ‘I was a drunk and making a mess of my life not knowing how I could turn it all around. One day, stumbling out of the pub into the alleyway drunk as usual, I heard this voice coming out of nowhere, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ In my drunken stupor I thought it was something I’d imagined, then it came again, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ I looked around but there was no one beside me, and the voice came a third time, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ I’d never sobered up so quickly in my life. I got home, cleaned up my act, found this church and been here ever since!’

    Sister, let the conviction be the work of the Holy Spirit. Share what is in your heart, even if it’s just five loaves and two fishes, wait and watch what the Lord will do. And if you feel like a failure, I’m sure the Spirit will convince you soon that you are not.

    Enjoying your posts so far, planning to read all soon :).

    God be with you.

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  4. great work you’ve got there ,focus on it first ,write good articles and it will sell you out ,creativity is key darling and you are awesome on that.secondly you can open a telegram group where your fans will be receiving link updates when you write a new article . Anyway it’s a good start and I have a feeling you’ll go far.Thanks for giving me a platform to share .

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  5. I love the transparency of asking for input. You have a good message!
    Not having been at this much longer than you, all I can suggest is adoing good pinnable images, simple, tall with some readable text.

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  6. Congrats on a new blog! There is always more that can be done, so you might always have that feeling. It is a delicate balance to create community and create peace within yourself. Be in continual prayer about how God will use you and your blog. He will open and close doors for you!

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  7. I’m learning to blog one step (one post) at a time.
    Don’t fall into the trap of comparison. Feeling pressured to keep up with someone else’s style or stats.
    About the stats. Check on them but don’t judge yourself by them.
    Pray. Create. Publish. Let go.
    Welcome to blogging the gospel.

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  8. I would also add focusing on one aspect of what you want to do with your blog. Once you start heading in too many directions, it’s hard to keep up with it all! I’m fairly new myself to all this, so I’m learning too! Keep it up. πŸ™‚

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  9. You didn’t get 50+ Becomers for what you were not doing, but for what you were doing.
    About u feeling like you are not doing enough..try n find where that voice is coming from…is it coming from “I have been so relaxed, if i did a little more…”
    Or is it coming from “I should do more…I have to do more….I have done much but I must do more…”
    If it is the former…go for it!
    If it is the latter…you risk losing God or even yourself because you will be so committed to your blog that there is no time for God or even that the time u spent on God gets lesser n lesser. Build your trust in God, because your blog reaching out to many people entirely depends on God…not on effort.
    Peace and blessings☺☺☺

    PS: if a message on your blog is meant for someone out there…trust me they will not miss it😊😊😊

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  10. I learned this important lesson: only He can provide the growth! Submit fully to Him, ask for His encouragement, and continue to place Him first in all things. Soon, I was receiving amazing blessings from Him that only He could provide, showing me how truly blessed I am to have Him as my boss:)

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  11. Well, I went through the comments first and I agree with them. Your concern is that you are not doing enough. I may not say you are doing just fine, probably because there is also that feeling in a person of being better than you were yesterday but you are simply on track, the right one.

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  12. It truly takes time and patience. I was so anxious in the beginning and changed my blog a few times. Just Write and pray. Connect to others in your same space and enjoy yourself. I really believe those who are happy and successful are the ones that take their time and don’t pressure themselves for visitors and views. You’re doing a great job because your blogging, it’s not easy to write and share. Next, you are looking for feedback, which is hard to receive at times, and lastly you have a heart for God. 😊

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  13. I read the comments above, and believe my fellow bloggers have covered it well. I agree! I love the heart and willingness expressed here from you, and the wise advice and encouragement in the comments. Blessings dear one!

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