Hello my darling Becomers,

How have you been? How was your week? How are you fairing? If you have anything interesting to tell me about your lives; please do 😥😥I could really use some excitement!!! (Hands in the air;jumping up and down). My week was fine and God is continuing to do great things in my life. (Thankful smile). He is opening doors for me and making sure that I walk through those doors. He has brought peace and joy into my heart even with so much around me. Isn’t a wonderful God? He is such a good father. (Nodding with a proud and thank smile)

I wouldn’t exactly say that my situation is solved and that everything is fine but I have learnt to rest my trust in God and He will not disappoint (nodding with an assuring smile). My sweet darlings, I recently discovered how sometimes we undermine God’s power in our lives. There are those areas in our lives that we think that God is beyond. We think that there is no way that God would help in that situation or we don’t even remember God when that situation comes. May be because our faith is too little or because we just enjoying being mediocre or we just forget how strong our God is . Isn’t it sad how unintentional we sometimes are with God? (Shaking head with dissappointment)

There are areas of my life I never used to pray about because I didn’t think God would want to be involved in such mundane aspects of my life. There are just things I didn’t think that God could control. I mean I knew God was powerful and all but there are certain things I just felt that it was okay for them to go bad or like it was my responsibility for me to fix. I forgot that I was serving the most high God; the omniscient one, the omnipotent one and omnipresent one. Can you believe that I chose to try and fix such situations? (Laughing at my dillusional mind) Can you imagine that my small mind lead me into thinking like this?

One of the areas I didn’t give God control was my finances. I never really saw the need to pray that God provides money for me may be because money is really ‘demonized’ or because I felt that it was my responsibility to provide. (Hands on the head) Can you imagine me taking the provider role in my life like I even belonged to myself? Can you imagine me even failing to pay to my tithe just because I feel the money is not enough like I gave it to myself? Oooh my sweet darlings I was really going to perish because of my lack of knowledge.

Another area I never involved God was in my relationships with people in general and even the romantic ones. (Laughing at my stupidity) I actually thought that in my small mind that I could separate my relationship with God from my relationship with people. Can you imagine that my sweet darlings? Is that even possible? I actually felt like it was my responsibility to own this baggage and deal with situations without involving God and my sweet darlings; that’s how I sold my soul trying to keep all these relationships together.I would even take up the role of a ‘fixer’; I would see someone broken and my first instinct was fix!! I loved to fix everything broken; friendships and relationships, I gave all of myself to these situations to the point that I had sold my soul so many times that people no longer wanted to buy and I was starting to feel like they owed me something because I had given up so much for things to work out. I started to demand reciprocation and compensation and may be I got it; it was never enough. I just feel that I deserved more and so I kept asking and asking until they couldn’t take it anymore and we let it be broken like it was broken before.(sadly)

I have to say that God is great, my darlings, He came at that time when all the pieces were broken and showed my mistake; I had taken God’s responsibility upon my shoulders and gone on to expect that others take upon the same responsibility. I should have prayed to God to fix the situations. I should have fixed my eyes upon God and not turn myself into a fixer for God is the sole fixer and He efffects permanent change.(nodding with realization)

May be there’s  a situation in your finances, your relationships, your marriage, your mind, your academic, in any part of your life that you feel the need to fix or to deal with, that you feel it’s your responsibility. May be you need to surrender it to God, that He will guide you and fix it for you in the best way possible permanently. Just trust in Him and He won’t disappoint you.

Isaiah 55:13

Cypress trees will grow where now there are briars; Myrtle trees will come up in place of thorns. This will be a sign that will last forever a reminder of what I, the Lord, have done.

Have a blessed week and I love you!!!!

With love and flowers, ( hands stretched out)

Jackie, howtobecomeeasily #becomer.


37 thoughts on “GREAT FIXER

  1. great work you’ve got there ,focus on it first ,write good articles and it will sell you out ,creativity is key darling and you are awesome on that.secondly you can open a telegram group where your fans will be receiving link updates when you write a new article . Anyway it’s a good start and I have a feeling you’ll go far.Thanks for giving me a platform to share .

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  2. I love that you point out how unintentional we are with God, such a gentle but challenging reminder. Your love for Christ and His people is evident 🙂

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  3. We do at times underestimate God’s true power in our lives. God is the utmost important relationship that is detrimental to our lives. Great post!


  4. “I wouldn’t exactly say that my situation is solved and that everything is fine but I have learnt to rest my trust in God and He will not disappoint…..” This statement is really, what it all comes down to! We know that, “in this world we will have trouble, but He has most definitely OVERCOME the world!” Which means, He has already overcome our troubles…….we have but to allow them to come to completion. Because as you said, He will not disappoint!

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  5. “There are those areas in our lives that we think that God is beyond. We think that there is no way that God would help in that situation or we don’t even remember God when that situation comes.” these were the lines exactly running in my head … Yes His Holy Spirit will empower us to walk through this with obedience and He will not disappoint us.

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  6. God has recently revealed the same to me… I found myself tacking on a request for myself after praying for some family members who had some pretty big things going on in their life. He opened my eyes to the fact that I didn’t think he cared about my “minute” things when in fact he does. He’s a good good father and he cares about the smallest of details! Thanks for sharing this sweet sweet letter x

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  7. God is so faithful. Our life has had a series of hardships lately, but we know God has a plan. My mother-in-law reminded me this afternoon when my husband’s car broke down that we are to be thankful in all things. So we made a list of all the positive things about circumstance. Just such a reminder of God’s goodness.

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  8. God cares for all the areas of our lives. He wants to involved in them all and He wants us to shared with Him about everything! It’s a comforting thought that He wants to be that involved, isn’t it?

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  9. I am so thankful that God is faithful and so very patient with us; aren’t you? We have all tried to hold on to areas of our lives; it’s in the letting go, that He blesses, restores and amazes us! It has taken me a very very long time to understand that He is so very good, and that His plans are sooooo much better than anything we can dream up. It is a silly thing to think that we should be in charge of anything! Thanks for sharing!

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