Hello my darling Becomers,

How are you? How have you been? (Please tell me all about your week in the comment section)(smiling with begging eyes) My week has super amazing and blessed. I have so much joy and peace in God. (With a thankful smile and hands on my heart) He is teaching me great things and doing great things in my life. (Looking up to Him with great reverence).I have learnt to appreciate my pain and I am teaching myself to say: 

Job 6:24

All right, teach me; tell me my faults. I will be quiet and listen to you”

 I first encountered this pain, I was depressed and lost. (Head down)I kept praying that God takes it away from me and that I found peace again. I desired that things would go back to the way they were. My mind was so focused on wanting to heal and move on.( Tears in my eyes and frustration in my voice) I just wanted it all to go away. I just wanted to be okay again. I wanted to be happy and peaceful again. I just wanted God to heal me. I just wanted to be saved.(lifting my head and with finality) But then I realized something; I discovered the collerateral beauty of this pain.

Credit: pixabay
My youth pastor asked something in church that made me think a lot about my situation and thank God about it. (Insert a soothing base voice) He asked ‘Why do you want a miracle when God is taking through a process?’ This question got me thinking about my desire to stop feeling so much pain and how I may missed what I was supposed to learn from this struggle. (With a little regret in my voice) It got me thinking about the perfection in all this pain. I realized that I needed to surrender to His will and learn what that He will send that learn. (With confidence and joy; nodding) I prayed that I learn great things in this pain and that He works in me to let Him teach me what that He wants me to learn. (Smiling and almost screaming) There’s beauty in this whole situation I am really excited for this.

I would like to encourage you my sweet darlings if you are going through any kind of pain or struggle; God is taking you through a process. Just trust in Him and remain persisent and consistent in Him and you will learn what He wants you to learn. (With a joyful voice and jumping up and down) He will take out the impurities out of your gold. Here’s a verse to encourage you through:

James 1:2-3

My brothers and sisters, consider yourselves fortunate when all kinds of trial come your way, for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials, the results is the ability to endure. 

Have a blessed week and I love you !!

With love and flowers;

Jackie, howtobecomeeasily #Becomer



29 thoughts on “PERFECTION IN THE LEMON; Collateral Beauty

  1. This is such a hard lesson to learn… I’m learning as well! Please, God, help me hear your guiding lessons; make me better! This week has been super hectic. Kids’ Christmas programs, sickness, writing, carpooling… the list goes on. But, I’m encouraged everyday how God provides; energy, will-power, provisions! He’s such a GOOD Heavenly Father!

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