Hello my darling Becomers,

How are you? How have you been? How is your new year so far? (I would be delighted to know all about it in the comment section) (smile and wink) I have fairing just fine, I am very optimistic about this year. I am trusting in God and I know He is going to do great things in my life.
I would like to announce some of the changes that are going to happen on this blog. I had requested you, my sweet darling, sometime back for some advice regarding my blog and you responded really well. I could never thank you enough for the grace you showed me. May God bless you all. After thinking and praying about it; I decided to make the following changes; well not exactly changes, I am going to add more categories in the blog which include:

  • Thankful Becomer –  This category will entail deliberate Thanksgiving to God.
  • My musings-This category will entail the normal posts that I write on my blog expressing my thoughts and certain sentiments.
  • How to be- This category will address certain things we need to learn how to do as godly people
  • Attributes Of God- This category will look at certain attributes of God and give biblical examples of His attribute.
  • Relationships – This category will address certain issues about dating.
  • Collaborations- This category will have all the collaborations I hope to do this year.
  • Snippets of Jackie – This category will have me bringing you closer to my private life and letting you see certain things about me. It is also a journey to see how well I will succeed on my resolution to have fun, work really and be more socially active this year.
  • Reblogs –  This category will have all the blogs I feel that they might be very helpful to you my sweet darlings.
  • Ask Me- This category will have all the blogs that will be as a results of a question or advice, one of you my sweet darling has asked.
  • Awards- This category will of course have any awards that I might be graced with just like the name suggests.

 I will honored to have your opinion on the changes, I will be making. Please feel free to criticize as much as you want. Thank you.

Have a blessed week and I love you all!!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, howtobecomeeasily #becomer


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