I AM GRATEFUL- This blog and my sweet darlings

Hello my darling Becomers,

How are you?How have you been? My hope is that your week is fine. My week has been great and God is taking me me to places and moving mountains. I am so happy that my God is such a wonderful God.

On the Eleventh day of the ten days of deliberate Thanksgiving Challenge;( I know I have said “eleventh day of the ten days” I just had to add one more day) I am grateful for this blog and you my sweet darlings. I am grateful that God gave me the grace to start this blog and He further blessed me with you my sweet darlings. This blog is helping me in so many ways and I hope that it is helping you too.
I will be continuing to write on deliberate Thanksgiving as a category in my blog called Thankful Becomer. I hope you my sweet darling will also continue to join me in being thankful to God.

Have a blessed week and I love you all!!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, Howtobecomeeasily #Becomer


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