Single? Ready to mingle?

Hello my darling Becomers,

How are you? How have you been? How is your week? (Please grace me with this Wonderful information) My week has been amazing; God has been full of grace and love. He is taking me to places that I have never seen.

Today I would like to about singleness for a moment. (Where are my single Becomers at!!!!) (Curtains opening; lights up, confetti falling and fireworks off) I would like to let you know why you might not be ready to mingle and you need to remain single for a little or long while.(don’t stone me) (hehe)

My sweet single darlings, I would like to submit to you that your singleness is a gift that you need to enjoy and make sure you have maximized. I know most of us have been made to feel like something is wrong with us for remaining single for too long. Some of us have even stooped too low just make sure they are always in a relationship. It is important that you understand that singleness is very important and you need to have that season. If it were not by God’s design that we be single at some point in our lives wouldn’t we have been born married?

My sweet darlings, I know you are probably wondering what I mean. (Sitting upright, adjusting my glasses) Now I need to submit that it is only during singleness; when you have no responsibility to another person; that you can serve God fully and work on yourself without distraction. I am not saying that being in a relationship stops from working on you or serving God but you have less time.It’s very important that you spend adequate time with God and yourself in your singleness so that you find your purpose, identity and acceptance in God.You will need these three things if you want to win at relationships.

No one will give you purpose if God doesn’t. You will find yourself expecting your partner to give fulfillment for what you do but because he/she is not God you will be frustrated. If you know your purpose, you will be able to intertwine your purposes with your partner and you will be able to help each other grow in Christ and your lives.

You will need God to give an identity so you will be able to play your role in your relationship with complete knowledge of your strength and weaknesses. You will also not expect your partner to give you identity and tell you who you are.

Acceptance from God is also very important. Once you know that God loves you as you are; your confidence and grace will be in Him. You will not need to change yourself to be loved by anyone.

I would like to encourage you to make sure you have these things before you get into a relationship. It is my prayer that when you find the right person; you will be ready and God will be by your side.

So my sweet darlings I would love to hear from you what you think of my advice today? Also if you have any relationship question that you need to know about just comment it or email me @ and I will help you by praying, researching and writing an article about it.

Have a blessed week, full of favor and love!!!

I love you all!!! Take care!!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, Howtobecomeeasily, #becomer


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