Jackie the teacher

Hello my darling Becomers,

How are you? How have you been? How is your week? (Please do honour me with all this juicy information) God has been my strength and my pillar throughout this week.

Today I will give you my sweet darlings a tour into my job. As mentioned in my thankful Becomer category; my job is a miracle from God and I am grateful for it. I work as a teacher assistant for a kindergarten teacher as I wait to go back to school.

I will be honest that I have never pictured myself as a teacher at first. When I first got the job I just wanted to find a place to keep me busy. This has changed with time and I actually enjoy what I do. I love seeing children get successful in small tasks that they have been given. I love listening yo their funny stories and fantasies. It is also interesting how they get excited by small things.

I believe that I have grown so much as person while hanging out with these children and the teacher that I help. There are so many learning opportunities at work. I also always enjoy to observe the children’s personalities and how each reacts to situations; you will surprised how some behaviors start out at such a young age. I will always be thankful for the chance to work in the place where I work currently.

So my sweet darlings have you ever worked or dealt with kids? Did you enjoy the experience? I would love to read comments. (Smiling broadly, pouting lips)

God bless! Let favor be your portion!!

Love you!! Take care!!

With love and flowers,

Jackie, howtobecomeeasily, #Becomer


4 thoughts on “Jackie the teacher

  1. I’ve worked with children in one capacity or another all my adult life. We are supposed to be teaching them, yet, they teach us so much about ourselves. Children are a blessing from the Lord…even those that may be a disguised blessing!

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